When Nimiq Moon ?

Account Information





v0.0.5 -

  • Account type is added. Information about vesting contract or hashed time locked contract will be complemented if available.

v0.0.4 -

  • rank added, sorted by balance.

v0.0.3 -

  • transactions and blocks returned now present the total number of transactions and blocks mined.

v0.0.2 -

  • Added address label.

Sample Request


Sample Response

  "label": "nimiq-foundation",
  "address": "NQ09 VF5Y 1PKV MRM4 5LE1 55KV P6R2 GXYJ XYQF",
  "rank": 1,
  "balance": 52500000000000,
  "type": 1,
  "transactions": 0,
  "blocks": 0,
  "owner_address": "NQ62 YLSA NUK5 L3J8 QHAC RFSC KHGV YPT8 Y6H2",
  "vesting_start": 1,
  "vesting_step_blocks": 259200,
  "vesting_step_amount": 2625000000000,
  "vesting_total_amount": 52500000000000