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Create Account

The Create Account endpoint allows you to generate private-public key-pairs along with an associated public address.

  • The private key returned is immediately discarded by our servers, but we advise that these keys should not be used for any high-value or long-term storage addresses.
  • Always use HTTPS for Account Creation requests. Otherwise, your generated private keys will be sent over insecure channels and could be MITM'd.





Sample Request


Sample Response

  "address": "NQ24 JTT0 R8B0 R7RR QC1L B4TP 0X05 X7BV XCC1",
  "public_key": "fbe11e2ddc408dae115e33fb339dc06d34ea4d5ca4c94f835b77ba031345cf8d",
  "private_key": "2dfa777216a6f95a579c92c93129fc9f86a17cc8a2b2923a9ff60ffb30367dd7",
  "recovery_words": "combine squirrel symptom coil hurdle pudding fury myself since matter left disease head salmon card film mutual stay work cable reason brass warrior vapor"